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Simplicity is
ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci

LOISIR® : A miraculous fabric
which is kind to people and our planet

Main activity of L.TOP is the sale of Loisir, a fabric collection made with Cupro.
Loisir collection is produced by the group specially organized for it at Fuji-Yosihida City in Yamanashi Prefecture where is known as production place of silk called Kaiki.


Top quality

LOISIR® Adding charm to your outfit

Loisir collection is our main product of yarn-dyed Cupro fabrics. Cupro is lustrous, absorbs and releases humidity. Keeping this characteristic of Cupro, we succeed to make the collection with various combinations of warp and woof with. Thus the Loisir collection has many designs with which you can make your outfit more attractive and comfortable.


Our expertise

Knowledge of yarn-dyed Cupro fabrics

Loisir collection is created by our group from planning to products. Throughout this activity, we study and realize how to show the charm of yarn dyed Cupro fabric. We would like to show this collection for you to make your outfit more comfortable and attractive. …This is our task and business, we believe.


Reply to your need

Plans according to your request

Cupro yarn for Loisir is supplied by yarn/fiber manufacturer, Asahi Kasei. Our production and logistic center are placed at Fuji-Yoshida City. This structure makes us easy to reply to your request, such as arranging a small lot or making to meet your best delivery term. With Loisir production group, we also offer you a special new planning, just for you.

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LOISIR®(ロアジール) Lining Sample Catalog