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Simplicity is
the keynote of all true elegance.

Coco Chanel

The premier lining
has a Brand Name

 Tatsuji Kobayashi, President


Easy and comfort in your heart

You would like to wear the clothes of value. Lining named “Loisir®”(leisure in French) will give you a quiet time as if you were in a forest far from the noisy streets.


Bringing a smile to the earth

Loisir® is a yarn-dyed Cupro fabric which is echo-friendly material. For you, for the earth, and for the future of the earth, we create and sell the collection of high grade materials, quality and designs with taking pride and passion.


Brand Name for the lining

The premier lining has a Brand Name. This is a proof of reliability. We are sure that the clothes with Loisir lining brings you a rich and comfortable time throughout its craftsmanship.


Creating rich culture

Together with you who are manufacturing the products of true value, we would like to contribute to create rich culture and society in those dry and cruel days.

大人の男が人に語れるジャケット alpino
LOISIR®(ロアジール) Lining Sample Catalog